A Personal Message from Shanti’s Outgoing Executive Director, Kaushik Roy

August 2022

When I showed up for my Shanti volunteer training back in 2004, I could have never imagined the amazing 18-year journey that was about to commence. I am writing now to share, that after 14 years as Executive Director, I will be stepping down from my position effective August 12.

A decision like this is always an emotional one, but I know this is the right time for both the agency and me. Currently, Shanti is in the best financial position of our 48-year history. We have never served a broader spectrum of marginalized individuals than we do today, and we are fortunate to continue attracting the most passionate, empathetic, and dedicated staff and volunteers. The other key reason why I am confident in Shanti’s continued success is all of you, our generous and loyal donors and supporters. Without your compassion and help, none of our vital services would be possible.

I am so proud of all that we have accomplished together during my time as E.D. Thanks to your support and efforts, the agency’s revenues have grown by nearly five times, we have tripled the number of people on staff, and we have added five new innovative client programs. On a personal note, I am looking forward to spending more time with my wife and daughter. I read recently that by the time a child turns 18, they have already spent more than 90% of all the time they ever will with their parents. In the “blink of an eye,” my daughter is already seven. I am excited to explore other opportunities that will allow me more time with her and provide new professional challenges.

Thank you all, again. I am more grateful for my time at Shanti than you will ever know.

With the greatest of appreciation,


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