We are thrilled to share the following media featuring VMHI.

So Much We Can Do to Lift Each Other Up
VIN News Service
VMHI is featured in this article about groups fostering mental well-being for veterinarians.

Dr. Katie Lawlor Is Not Holding Back
Vet Candy | 20 September 2022
This blog article profiles Dr. Lawlor and VMHI.

Caring for Carers: Veterinarians Struggle With MH Issues
Psychiatric News | 22 August 2022
This article published by the American Psychiatry Assocation discusses the mental health challenges veterinarians face and the support that VMHI is offering to address those issues.

Pet Grief: Hard For Us – And Our Vets
She Sez | 19 July 2022
Dr. Lawlor is interviewed in this podcast with journalist Linda Grasso.

It’s Not Just Doctors and Nurses. Veterinarians Are Burning Out, Too.
April Dembosky
Seattle Times |  20 April 2022 (article)
LA Times | 18 April 2022 (article)
NPR | 8 April 2022 (radio + article)
KQED | 9 March 2022 (radio + article)
Shanti’s Veterinary Mental Health Initiative is featured in this compelling radio story and companion article.

A Free, Mental-health Resource for Veterinary Staff
AAHA | Tony McReynolds | 8 March 2022
This article by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) focuses on the Veterinary Mental Health Initiative, including its origins, services, and impact.

An Introduction to the Veterinary Mental Health Initiative
My Veterinary Life | American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) | 24 June 2021
In this podcast, Dr. Katie Lawlor and Dr. Dustin Kieschnick discuss the need, origins, and programming of the Veterinary Mental Health Initiative.

The Reality of Veterinary Mental Health feat. Dr. Dustin Kieschnick
PAWCast | PAW Health Network | 15 June 2021
VMHI Facilitator Dr. Dustin Kieschnick discusses his professional experience and understanding of the state of mental health in the veterinary industry and how that relates to the experiences at PAW Health.

Veterinarian Mental Health – Exposing a Hidden Crisis
The Dogist: Talking Dogs | 18 May 2021
Dr. Katie Lawlor and veterinarian Dr. Alett Mekler discuss the mental health crisis within the veterinary field in this podcast.

Interview with Dr. Katie Lawlor
I Love Veterinary | 2 May 2021
In this interview, Dr. Lawlor talks about the need for mental health support in the veterinary profession and how VMHI fills the critical need.