Read what our participants are saying about the Veterinary Mental Health Initiative.

“This was the first group I’ve ever attended that just got it. I felt heard.” – Veterinarian, Illnois

“I really got so much out of the group meetings and feel they were so helpful to me. Thanks again for keeping me informed and offering these sessions. I look forward to hearing about any future sessions you offer as I would love to participate again.” – Veterinarian, New York

“This was a helpful support group that helped me realize that other veterinarians struggle with the same issues as me, and helped me consider new approaches to problems.” – Veterinarian, Washington

“This program has made such a big difference in my life. It has taught me so much about myself as a person as well as a professional and I have been so much happier since these sessions. I am truly so grateful for this program!” – Veterinarian, Utah

“VMHI was recommended by someone in a Facebook group for veterinarians. I have used both the group sessions and one on one sessions since January and have found both to be incredible helpful.” – Veterinarian, Kansas

“I found the meetings to be informative and very helpful in gaining some perspective about how others were dealing with problems encountered in veterinarian medicine. It also helped me to talk about the issues I was having difficulty with.” –Veterinarian, New York

“I believe VMHI is sorely needed. Thank you so much, and thank you to the donors.” –Veterinarian, Texas

“My gratitude for being there during such a difficult period for me, after losing my heart dog. I am so fond of my fellow participants.” – Veterinarian, California

“I love that this is a small group which gives room for everyone to voice their struggles, and that everyone is so supportive. I know that they [my fellow participants] truly understand. It helps to know that I’m not alone.”– Veterinarian/Academic, Northwest

“I found group sessions to be very helpful and validating.” – Veterinarian, California

“I found the group to be very helpful and a really nice community. It was a great experience for me and I felt empowered and encouraged by my group. I hope to attend another one this summer and have been telling my colleagues about it.” – Veterinarian, Colorado

“My experiences have been very positive. I have attended 2 group sessions and one one-on-one session. I have found all the participants and session organizers/facilitators to be very helpful and understanding.” – Veterinarian, New York

“The 6-week sessions that I participated in were great. We had a talented facilitator, a fantastic group, and everybody was able to share aspects of veterinary medicine that were worrisome or troublesome. The group always gave very good advice. In the end, knowing you aren’t alone and sharing concerns really did help. I have never participated in any type of support group before, so this was an eye-opener.” – Veterinarian, Massachusetts