Planning Council Support

Shanti has been providing support for HIV community planning for two decades. The Council Support program provides administration for the San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council, as well as a targeted community needs assessment and targeted focus groups on an annual basis. Visit the Planning Council website to learn more.


Shanti’s Mentorship program supports two workforce development initiatives in collaboration with Springboard Health Lab: the Community Health Leadership Initiative Training and Mentorship Program (CHLI) for inviduals seeking a career in the sexual/drug-user health field and the Frontline Organizing Group (FOG) for frontline workers in the HIV field.

Jeffrey’s Place

Jeffrey’s Place is a supportive group space for gay/bi/queer men currently in treatment for cancer, as well as cancer survivors. Since 2009, Jeffrey’s Place has offered a safe, confidential space for men who have been diagnosed with cancer. The group also provides direct referrals to practical assistance and emotional support. Each year, Jeffrey’s Place serves approximately 40 individuals.