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SHARE: Creating community through self-expression

Many of us and our family, friends, and neighbors have faced isolation, new or worsening anxiety, fear, grief, depression, anger,… more

Virtual events bring connection to Shanti’s community

David Smee, Client Activities Coordinator, is a client in Shanti’s HIV Program and began volunteering with the activities desk over… more

Volunteer Spotlight: Clifford

Q&A with Clifford In March 2020, Shanti launched our COVID-19 Emergency Response Volunteer Program (CERV) to provide emergency support to… more

PAWS Client Spotlight: Sarah, Ruby, and Ginger

Sarah at home with Ruby and Ginger, a bonded pair of kittens. “PAWS is a truly humane organization that cares… more

Richard’s Story and the Healing Power of Connection.

Since Shanti’s inception, building personal connection has been at the heart of what we do. Richard, a client of Shanti’s… more

A History of Being There For Each Other: Q&A with Kayla Smyth from Volunteer & Community Support Services

Picture: Kayla recently trained PAWS pet assistance and Shanti peer support volunteers via Zoom. We caught up with Kayla Smyth, volunteer… more

Client Spotlight: Ron

Ron is an 83-year-old retired teacher who loves reading and writing. It’s a part of who he is. He’s a… more

Shanti’s Peer Advocate Care Team Leading COVID-19 Efforts in Collaboration With Other Commmunity Based Organizations

Photo: Residents of Potrero Hill Terrace. Shanti's PACT team always works in collaboration with residents and other community based organizations. Being With and Supporting Community Before, During, and After the… more

About Shanti’s work with San Quentin’s Brother’s Keepers  

Photo: San Quentin State Penitentiary (by Frank Schulenburg / CC BY-SA ) Brother's Keepers is a peer support training program… more

Shanti’s Work in the San Francisco EMA HIV Community Planning Council (HCPC)

Shanti provides administrative and needs assessment support to the San Francisco HIV Community Planning Council. The HCPC guides use of… more

Client Spotlight: Hulda

Hulda became a client of Shanti in 1994, three years after she was diagnosed with HIV. At that time San… more

Client Spotlight: Anil & Tango

PAWS helps ensure Anil, a PAWS client of eight years, has the resources to care for his beloved dog, Tango.… more

Client Spotlight: Shirley

Shirley is a 96-year-old woman who spends most of her time alone with her kitty in her condo she has… more

Community Connections: Shanti’s PAWS & Full Belly Bus Partner During the Pandemic

Pictured: Ali Sutch, PAWS care navigator and FBB volunteer dog trainer, with her dog, Paisley. PAWS recently caught up with… more

Longtime PAWS Volunteer Veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Gervais, Receives Esteemed Award

Pictured: Dr. Kathy Gervais and Dr. Ken Gorczyca (from the Shanti/PAWS archives) Longtime PAWS volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Gervais is this… more

Client Spotlight: Luisa

My name is Luisa and have been a client of Shanti’s Women’s Cancer Program for more than eight years. I… more

An Archive of Compassion: Online exhibit pays homage to Shanti’s work during the earliest days of the AIDS pandemic

Photo Credit: Judi Iryani courtesy of Shanti Projects: Histories of Shanti Project and the AIDS crisis University of Minnesota graduate… more

When “Being Non-Racist Is Not Enough”

When "Being Non-Racist Is Not Enough"To our Black community members: We stand with you. We see you. We love and… more

Client Spotlight: Hank Trout

Photo Credit: Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover Photography When I moved to San Francisco in August 1980 to take a… more

Volunteer Spotlight: Jenna & Ingrid

Q. What motivated you to sign up as a CERV volunteer? Ingrid: I'm a PAWS volunteer of 20 years. Every… more


Given what has transpired in our nation over the last several years, it is hard to argue with what then-Senator… more

Client Spotlight: Alexandra & Otis

Otis is a 13-year-old white and tan Jack Russell Terrier. Alexandra is a 48-year-old woman. They are the best of… more

Donor Spotlight: Kristin Crosland

We are excited to share our recent interview with Shanti supporter Kristin Crosland. Kristin says she felt immediately connected to… more

Client Spotlight: Sandra & Nala

“She’s the love of my life.” Sandra has a warm, big smile as she talks about Nala, her 10-year-old Terrier… more

Client Spotlight: Daralt

Daralt, a 75-year-old long-time resident of San Francisco, was dealing with anxiety, depression, and isolation when a friend told him… more