Shanti offers meaningful career opportunities for individuals who want to make a difference in the community.

We are hiring! Our current openings include:

Chief Financial Officer

LGBTQ+ Aging & Abilities Support Network (LAASN)
Bilingual Care Navigator

Peer Advocate Care Team (PACT)
Care Navigator
Bilingual Care Navigator

Volunteer Opportunites 
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Shanti is an equal opportunity employer:
Women, persons of color, persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Working Together
  • We embrace the Shanti model of peer support, which advocates listening, speaking, and acting from the heart in service to other people.
  • We create relationships based on the Shanti model that are actively demonstrated by mutual respect, positive regard, non-judgmental behavior, genuineness, acceptance of differences, empathy, and intention to be of service.
  • We acknowledge the unique value that each of us contributes to the success of Shanti, and we respect each other as individuals.
  • We assert that mindful, honest communication accelerates, enhances, and enriches our potential as individuals and as an agency, and we are committed to listening to each voice.
  • We celebrate diversity as a strength, and we encourage learning from others who may be different from us. We provide a safe place for diversity to flourish.
  • We share in this community of Shanti as an inclusive agency; we also respect that at times we each need to set boundaries without fear of being cast out.
  • We take pride in our commitment to our work and we honor the generous gifts of time, energy, and humor that our colleagues bring to our mission.
  • We affirm that each department and program at Shanti acts as a pillar that supports an architecture of compassion.