Shanti’s Women’s Cancer Program offers services to mitigate the barriers women face after a cancer diagnosis.

Our program augments hospital-based care and reduces the social, economic, linguistic, and cultural barriers that underserved women face accessing, maintaining, and completing treatment and transitioning into survivorship. We provide multilingual and culturally competent care navigation, emotional and practical support, and survivorship support activities. We offer our services free of charge in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taishanese.

We collaborate closely with social workers and health providers to ensure that clients are able to remain engaged in their treatment and health building services. We continually work with partners and conduct outreach to build new collaborations with care providers and social service organizations to connect our clients with the appropriate resources that address the continuum of medical and social services needs.

Specifically, our services are designed to:

  • Increase clients’ knowledge, access, and connectedness to care.
  • Ensure clients have all the supports and resources they need to complete their treatment plans.
  • Provide emotional and practical support from staff and volunteers to help reduce clients’ isolation and levels of stress.
  • Improve clients’ abilities to manage their health challenges and advocate for their needs.
  • Enable clients to transition into survivorship and continue to provide support through survivorship.

For more information about our Women’s Cancer Program, please contact Ai May Tan, Program Director, at (415) 674-4770 or by email.

Download our flyer to find out How a Patient Navigator Can Help (PDF)