PACT reduces isolation, stress, and anxiety among residents of Potrero Terrace and Annex as we help them to prepare for their housing to be rebuilt into a mixed-income community.

PACT supports residents of Potrero Hill Terrace and Annex as they navigate all the physical, emotional, and social changes that come with the redevelopment of their community over the next 10-15 years through the HOPE SF initiative (

Using our highly relational, place-based and client-centered care navigation and peer support model, PACT provides 1-on-1 and group-level support services including:

  • Relocation readiness among residents to maximize return to rebuilt units.
  • Housing stabilization through education, advocacy, and access to emergency eviction prevention resources.
  • Community stewardship based on active listening and compassionate presence that is non-judgmental and non-directive.
  • Health and wellness services for residents struggling with chronic illnesses and conditions.

For more information about PACT, please contact LaLisha Norton, PACT Program Director, at (415) 674-4714 or by email.