Dave Provides Steady Support for PAWS

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Dave is a Pet Food Bank volunteer with our Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS) program. He sorts and bags up pet food and supplies each month, which he delivers to PAWS clients. The Pet Food Bank is one of the key services PAWS provides to keep people and their animal companions together, serving more than 300 enrolled PAWS clients each month. Dave describes his volunteer experience as, “the ability to assist other pet lovers in a way that makes both their lives and their pets’ lives better.”

After retiring from a 26-year career in Information Technology with PG&E, Dave began volunteering with PAWS beginning in November 2015. As a long-time donor to PAWS, he sought a deeper way to engage with the program. The work and getting to know clients’ pets are fulfilling to Dave. “The love I get from the animals is not reproducible. When I come, the pets know I am bringing their food and are very happy.”

About 15 years ago, Dave adopted Condo, a Yellow Lab and Chow mix. Condo was an ideal guard dog and companion: protective but loveable once he got to know you. Since Condo crossed the rainbow bridge, Dave has not adopted a new canine companion. In a new home, he does not have enough outdoor space to let a dog run around unattended. But Dave misses having a dog. Interacting with the animal companions of PAWS clients is one way Dave can get some dog time. “All the dogs know me and are so happy to see me,” says Dave.

Including Dave, more than 200 individuals volunteer annually with the PAWS Pet Food Bank to help sort and distribute pet food and supplies to our clients. The PAWS pet food bank distributes approximately 80,000 cans of pet food, nearly 30,000 pounds of dry pet food, and more than 16,000 pounds of cat litter each year. The Pet Food Bank is located within the PAWS office and provides clients with a monthly allotment of pet food and supplies specifically tailored to their needs, including regular and prescription/specialty pet food and a variety of pet supplies (such as litter, toys, treats, collars, leashes, and carriers/crates). For the many clients who are unable to visit the pet food bank themselves, PAWS volunteers deliver their monthly pet food and supplies. Without the support of our wonderful volunteers, PAWS would not be able to provide this essential service to our clients.

We are so grateful for your service, Dave, and hope you continue volunteering with PAWS.


If you are interested in becoming a PAWS Pet Support Volunteer, please complete the PAWS volunteer application. Age requirement: 16+.

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