Client Spotlight: Alexandra & Otis

Otis is a 13-year-old white and tan Jack Russell Terrier. Alexandra is a 48-year-old woman. They are the best of friends.

Alexandra lives with multiple disabilities and has extremely limited mobility. At four months old, Otis came into Alexandra’s life as a service animal, and he has been by her side ever since. Otis is small enough to hop on Alexandra’s lap and stay close to her as they zoom around in her electric wheelchair. Spend a few minutes with them, and you’d see how much the two absolutely adore each other.

“My life would have no meaning without Otis,” says Alexandra. “He means the world to me. He gets me to be more open and outgoing. I suffer from anxiety and depression, Otis helps me to get out of that mode and get out of the house to meet new people.”

Alexandra and Otis (dog)
Like so many PAWS clients, Alexandra lives on less than $1,000 a month. PAWS provides services that enable Alexandra to keep Otis healthy. These services include pet food and flea medication at our Pet Food and Supply Bank, annual wellness exams, and up to $200 in veterinary service vouchers each year. Alexandra and Otis have regularly visited our free Ask the Vet Clinics, which provide an opportunity to consult with our Volunteer Veterinarians about pet health concerns. And to help keep Otis clean, Alexandra has brought him to our free dog washes where volunteers, often from local companies, bathe our clients’ dogs at Pet Food Express.

Alexandra herself is an active volunteer in the community – she is a leader in her building’s tenant association and was recently nominated for a prestigious role on a citywide council.

“I am so grateful to PAWS and its generous donors. If I didn’t have PAWS, I wouldn’t be able to care for Otis. PAWS keeps him happy and he keeps me happy,” says Alexandra.

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