Donor Spotlight: Kristin Crosland


How did you become connected with Shanti?
I first heard of Shanti as part of an Avon Walk ceremony in San Francisco. I was a walker, team leader, and patient speaker for the event. Shanti was an Avon grant recipient. I found the quick reference to Shanti’s mission intriguing as the ceremonial check was awarded, so I looked at Shanti’s website afterwards. Shanti’s commitment to support traditionally underserved populations particularly resonated for me.

What motivates you to support our work?
I live with stage IV breast cancer. I am incredibly fortunate that my treatments have been quite successful to date, but uncertainty inevitably persists. I recognize how privileged I have been to have access to the highest quality medical care available. I’ve also had significant domestic assistance from my loved ones at my times of highest need—when I was too weak to manage much of anything for myself or my family. I realize that many people don’t have sufficient resources to manage themselves or their loved ones through serious illness, and Shanti helps fill that gap. I also appreciate Shanti’s approach for staff, volunteers, clients, and donors: we are all part of the same ecosystem where everyone benefits from working together to reduce the burden of disease and to draw strength and positivity through communal effort.

Can you tell us about abreast and why you thought of partnering with Shanti for two events: the 2018 #abreast100milemonth, in which participants walked 100 miles throughout the month of October and raised funds for Shanti Project, and the Meditative Nature Walk in 2019?
I established “abreast” as a small, informal community to hosts interactive experiences and donate funds to non-profits aiding breast cancer patients. The purpose of the experiences is to bring people together in service for mutual support and to promote leading-edge medical information. Shanti has been an organization I’m proud to support and promote through abreast. The isolation and fear that serious disease can bring is shattering. Shanti helps its clients better access quality care and also brings the human touch that supports healing and makes treatment or disease management more bearable.

Why would you recommend others support Shanti?
Shanti offers a unique way for folks to have a direct impact. There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities with training to prepare folks to assist those in need. You can see in Shanti’s financial statements how thoughtfully they deploy funds and how well they use their volunteer corps. I like that there are a variety of programs for restricted donations if someone feels aligned with a certain aspect of Shanti’s offerings. The cancer program initially attracted me. There’s also exciting opportunities with unrestricted donations. I’ve done my giving that way because the broad commitment of the whole Shanti staff—and the range of programs Shanti offers to make life better for people—is terrific. The impact is direct, personal, and kind.