Client Spotlight: Anil & Tango

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PAWS helps ensure Anil, a PAWS client of eight years, has the resources to care for his beloved dog, Tango.

“Tango is very important to me. He gets me up in the morning, forces me to walk and exercise, and helps me to feel strong,” said Anil.

PAWS believes that the healing impact of the human-animal bond is one of the best forms of support available—especially for those encountering life’s biggest challenges, including aging, illness, disability, and isolation. A companion animal can be central to one’s health and well-being.

Each month, Anil picks up pet food at the PAWS Food Bank. Before Shelter-in-Place, he would also bring Tango in for some TLC at our monthly dog washes at Pet Food Express. Although group dog washes are on hold due to the coronavirus, we continue to deliver on our essential services so clients like Anil can stay with their beloved pets in this uniquely fragile time. In fact, we’ve expanded our outreach so even more people in need in our community have access to pet care, food, and supplies.

Anil is still able to pick up his monthly pet food by making arrangements with his care navigator. “Every month I pick up food and it’s easy to make an appointment.” For clients who are advised to limit their outdoor exposure during the pandemic, we have increased our number of home deliveries thanks to the dedication of our Food Bank staff and volunteers.

As usual, PAWS care navigators continue to support clients with access to veterinary services. When Tango needed veterinary care, PAWS helped with finances and to arrange surgery.

“My care navigator touched base throughout Tango’s recovery,” said Anil. “They were there for me. PAWS helped me financially and emotionally. If it weren’t for PAWS, I wouldn’t be able to afford a dog.”

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