Meet Our 2022 Cat Idol: Lilly

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Lilly Janin

Q:    How old are you?
A:     I was born on November 29, 2013.

Q:    What breed are you?
A:     I am a Maine Coon cat.

Q:    How long have you been with your human?
A:     I joined my human’s family on March 3, 2014.

Q:    What is your favorite thing or activity to do with your human?
A:     I love to cuddle with my human and to play with interactive toys and her.

Q:    How do you show your human your love?
A:    I curl up with her and purr. I also sit on papers on her desk, acting as a furry paperweight.

Q:    What is your favorite thing about your human?
A:     My human really loves animals and is an advocate for the importance of the human-animal bond. That makes me very proud of her.

Q:    What makes you unique?
A:     My human tells me that I am very beautiful – I have stunning green eyes and gorgeous fur! I am also a very good hostess – I greet guests at the door and am happy to pose for photographs!

Q:    What do you think about being our 2022 PAWS Pet Idol?
A:     I am very happy to regain my title as 2022 Cat Idol! I enjoy being an ambassador for PAWS and helping to promote its mission.

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