Meet Our 2022 Dog Idol: Chloe

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Chloe Page

My name is Chloe and I am honored and thrilled to be your Dog Pet Idol again for 2022. I typically decline to give my age but since I know this information won’t be going anywhere I will share just with you that I am a 14-year-old Chocolate Mini-Miniature Poodle (I am small but have Giselle Bundchen legs). In case you didn’t know, in the Poodle world ‘browns are the clowns’.

My nickname is Chaka Khan because like me she is fierce and fabulous and you will understand why when you see my long brown poofalicious locks. I came to live with my human when I was 8 weeks old and weighed a mere 2 pounds. Thank goodness I arrived because her life would be a disaster without me being in charge. She needs someone to oversee things like reminding her to step away from her office chair, eat, get some sunshine and engage with the world.

Our walks ensure not only that my public gets to adore me but my human gets some semblance of exercise. As for food, I enjoy it immensely except for that stuff that has the name ‘dog’ in the title; that should only be for actual dogs so it is unclear why I would be expected to eat it. I do enjoy dressing up, especially when it is cold and for holidays (Christmas and Halloween which are my human’s favorite). I hope this gives you a flavor of who I am. I look forward to meeting my fans in June at Petchitecture 2022.

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