Client Spotlight: Sarah, Ruby, and Ginger

Sarah at home with Ruby and Ginger, a bonded pair of kittens.

“PAWS is a truly humane organization that cares about people who care about animals.  I’m lucky to have them in my life” says Sarah Clarke, who has been a PAWS client for over 20 years. Through providing resources for end-of-life care to her senior cats, and the recent adoption of a bonded pair of kittens, PAWS has supported Sarah’s kitties, just as they have nurtured her well-being.

This June, Sarah had to put down her beloved cat, 18-year-old Cocoa.  After she called her PAWS Care Navigator, Georjean, it hit her like a ton of bricks—it was Cocoa’s time to go. The vet came to Sarah’s house, and Cocoa gently passed at home. The experience was calm and humane, and he looked like he was sleeping. Sarah said, “It’s always hard to let them go, but we have to honor their roles in our lives.”

When Sarah recently learned of a pair of sister kittens, Ruby and Ginger, she didn’t hesitate to adopt them. Sarah had the knowledge and requisite love of cats, and she didn’t want any more cats to be in cages. Knowing she had Georjean and the support of PAWS for annual wellness vet exams made Sarah feel secure in her decision to adopt Ruby and Ginger.

Ruby and Ginger now live with Sarah in her Alamo Square home and are loving and attentive. They are playful with toys and each other. Ruby is a snuggler, while Ginger was a toe biter at first. Sarah joked with Georgine that she had to wear “steel-toed socks.” Ruby hides her toys under the couch, and Ginger dives to retrieve them. About her kitties, Sarah says, “Having the companionship and the commitment is very important. My cats complete my life, they get me out of bed in the morning and keep me moving.”

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