Sharing Humanity through Arts, Reflection, and Expression (SHARE) is a weekly online series that facilitates experiences to inspire connection to inner resources and community through mind-body expression, narrative storytelling, visual arts, movement, music, writing, and more non-verbal forms of expression.

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IM4US Conference Presentation

Workshop Schedule 

April 22- June 22 Series 

April 1st – Open House

April 8th- Welcome (Selena)

SHARE 4.8.22

5-minute New York Times Meditation

UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Health: Guided Imagery Audio Recordings

Bilingual Guided Meditations: English (-Spanish/-Mandarin/-Tagalog/-Vietnamese/-French)

April 15th- Breathing: Experiential (Chris)

Calm Breath Visual Aid

April 22nd- Breathing: Reflection (Chris)

April 29th- Creative Play: Experiential (Tammy)

Play April 29 2022

May 6th- Creative Play: Reflection (Tammy)

Play April 29 and May 5 2022

May 13th- No Meeting

May 20th- No Meeting

May 27th- Self-Compassion: Experiential (Selena)

June 3rd- Self-Compassion: Reflection (Selena)

June 10th- Guided Awareness: Experiential (Tammy)

Guided Awareness Session 1

The Work of Byron Katie

Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

June 17th- Guided Awareness: Reflection (Tammy)

Guided Awareness Sessions 1 and 2

November 21-January 22 Series​

Nov 5 – Selena (SHARE Introduction)

SHARE Welcome 11.5.21

Nov 12  – Chris (Biofeedback)

Combined Hand Warming and Derma-Therm Handout v3


Nov 19 – Selena (Expression & Reflection)​

SHARE 11.19.21

Nov 26 – Holiday off

Dec 3 – Tammy (Movement or Puppets)

Dec 10 – Selena (Expression & Reflection)

SHARE 12.10.21

Dec 17 – Chris (Expressive Writing)

Expressive writing plan

Dec 24 – Holiday off

Dec 31 –Holiday off

Jan 7 – Selena (Expression & Reflection)

1.7.22 SHARE


Jan 14  – Celebration for all!

SHARE 1.14.22

Marcia Delegman, CMT


Restorative yoga (5 minutes of Maui)

5 Love Languages

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